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    System’s Architect with over 10 years’ experience in product development / consultancy encompassing all stages of the software development life-cycle. My experience as well as a Master’s Degree in Computer Science allows me to demonstrate my enthusiastic, welcoming and proficient approach in a variety of technical and professional scenarios. I’ve experience working with Microsoft, Experian as well as smaller independent development houses. I’m motivated by finding innovative solutions to challenging problems; and I’m a firm believer in automation, code reuse and new technology adoption.

    I can develop a bespoke system which you, your team and your customers will enjoy using. I like working with bleeding-edge development techniques just as much as keeping things old-school simple. I'll tailor my solutions to your exact specification and budget. All my on-line work complies with W3C and CSS validation checks to ensure future compatibility with desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

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    Some of the work/websites I"ve created for client's in the past. From small single-day "micro-consultancy" pieces of work to larger multi-discipline e-commerce platforms.

    Motorised Blinds UK
    Screenshot of MBUK's New Store
    Development Features
    e-Commerce CMS
    Basket Functionality
    PayPal/Cash/Bank Transfers
    Customer Accounts
    Newsletter Authoring
    Stock/Order Management
    Survey & Engineering Projects
    Screenshot of SEP's New Website
    Development Features
    Content Managed
    RSS News Feeds
    WYSIWYG Content Authoring
    Social Networking
    "Reactive" Design Philosophy
    Company Identity Standardisation
    On-line Rock Salt
    Screenshot of the sample site for the project
    Stock Database
    Development Features
    Visual Basic Frontend
    MSSQL Backend Database
    Automated Offsite Backup
    Multi-User Concurrent Access
    Bespoke Reporting Schemas
    Company UI Consistency
    Modular & Extensible Framework
    University Final Project
    AutoCAD 2010 Displaying the Survey
    Research & Development Project
    Development Features
    Industry Standard .dwg Drawing
    Recorded with Leica 1100
    2064 Observations
    Reduced with n4ce
    Coordinated to OS Grid Tile
    Linework with AutoCAD 2010
    Plotted as Adobe PDF
    Module Score: 72% [A+, First]
    Graphic Design Work
    AutoCAD 2010 Displaying the Design Work
    Development Features
    Paper Sketch to CAD Conversion
    Industry Standard .dwg Drawing
    Line work with AutoCAD 2010
    Plotted as Adobe PDF

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